The Unstoppable Mum is a programme for all tired, busy mums who care about their children growing up healthy, but feel overwhelmed by all the things already on their plate!


If you are confused by health information, tired of the endless circle of infections your kids bring home, know you have absolutely no time for yourself because you’re so busy looking after everybody else in the family and just hope you make the right decisions each day to keep raising 

healthy kids… then this is for you.

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want to gain a little more knowledge?

you need this book

This book is 30 years of research and knowledge as a chiropractor and functional health coach poured into one space that took me 3 years to write.


My aim is to make sense of all the health advice out there and go back to basics for improved health and wellbeing.


It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you are in good health or struggle with chronic illness, this book has been written to help you and your families .

want to give your health a reset?

30 days to healthy living

This is hitting the refresh button on your health. 

It requires only 30 days of dedication. 


You can expect to gain energy, have better sleep, moods & focus, reduce stress & inflammation, lose weight if needed and learn so much more! 


You’ll be part of an online community, supported on a private Facebook group, guided through every single day, have full access to recipes, shopping lists and plant powered, vegan supplements.

what to transform your health?

you need this 12 week plan

This 12 week guided programme will be designed for YOU.

 It is 30 years of knowledge all available at your fingertips to totally transform your health and the wellbeing of your family. 



- Initial one hour video consultation call
- Weekly video calls to keep you on track
- Contact to me 24/7 via messenger, text or email
- A personalised food plan suitable for the whole family
- Invaluable information to help you understand more about your lifestyle choices
- Recommendations on supplements
- Exercise advice for you and your children
- A free copy of my book